Video: Young Buck Zachary Rebitt Joins the Forbidden Synthesis Factory Team

The hydrologic cycle is a continuous circulation of water between the earth and the atmosphere. This cycle is particularly active in the Comox Valley, delivering about 1157mms of water per year. However, somewhere along the way, something has gotten into the water. Maybe it was stored in the Comox Glacier or maybe it was in the soil all along. Whatever it is, it has produced an abnormal abundance of highly talented mountain bikers.

Zachary Rebitt grew up at the base of Forbidden Plateau, which features some of the roughest and most challenging trails in the region. Zachary has had a lifetime of exposure to the water here, and it shows. Zachary is part of a new crop of very fast and very stylish riders that are emerging from the Comox Valley. Realistically, though, it's more than just the water that contributes to his skill. It's the vast, rugged, and topographically diverse terrain, the dedicated team of trail builders and advocates, a mild climate that provides nearly year-round rideable conditions, and a connected community that supports athletes. These variables combine to create a potent ecosystem that produces hardworking, talented, and refreshingly humble athletes.

Growing up at the base of the trails has its perks, commuting sure improves.

It’s hard to pinpoint the catalyst that set the Comox Valley’s riding scene on its meteoric trajectory. Uncovering the roots of an established riding scene often leads to a windy entanglement of grit, determination, rogue builders, trespassing, and a healthy splash of sketchy shit. What lies beneath it all is a powerful trifecta of terrain, climate, and people. The complex systems that breathed life into this region and its current state are something to behold, and something we feel very fortunate to be a part of. The region boasts multiple riding centers all within a small geographic area. At the heart of the region is the Cumberland Forrest, with nearly 200k ms of rideable trails located a stone’s throw from the vibrant and charming main street.

The trails attract short-term visitors and long-term residents of all ages and abilities. One of the other side effects of a blooming riding scene is the proliferation of young talent. The area provides easy access to trails, pump tracks, dirt jumps, skateparks, riding camps, coaching, and a huge community of riders to ride with. It’s an environment that makes it nearly impossible to not hone your skills as a rider.

The rough undulating rock slabs are littered all over the Forbidden plateau, with the view of Comox in the background.



"So glad you put that interview piece together, really makes me look like an intellectual being. I could not be happier about joining Forbidden for this year, it is an absolute dream come true to have this opportunity! I already feel at home with the bike and amazing people, and am so excited to see where this season takes us!"

Zachary Rebitt

Rider Name // Zachary Rebitt
Age: 17
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 145lb
Stance: Goofy
Shoots: Left
Rookie Year: 2023
Draft Pick: 2023 1st round, picked second overall.
Adjectives: Not sure.
Instagram: @zacharyrebitt

The shed is tastefully done.

Zach might not be a household name just yet. However, his riding has impressed us beyond a reasonable doubt, enough that we gave him the call-up to join the Forbidden Synthesis team and take his riding overseas for a few EDR stops. We can’t wait to see how Zachary develops as a rider and an athlete. Maybe, just maybe, the “fastest kid in town” can one day become the fastest kid in the world, it’s worth a shot. No pressure, buddy.

Welcome to the team, Zachary.

Making it look good on his home trails, Comox lake is pictured in the back.


Spot the Rider.


The boy sure loves a good corner.


We can't wait to see what Zachary can do this season.
Video: Thomas Doyle
Photography Liam Wallace

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