Alex Storr

Age: 19
Home: Wrexham, UK
Discipline: Enduro
Sponsors: Burgtec, Bell Helmets UK, Fasthouse UK, crankbrothers UK, Mudhugger, Kingud Products, Dialled Telemetry, Indi Cycle Works, King Sunglass
Height: 185cm
Ride: Size X-Large Druid Custom
Social: @alex_storr01
Short bio about what you do for a living:
I’m currently a studying Geography and Natural Hazard Management at the University of Chester up the road from me. However with the whole covid situation, this is now all leaving me with more time to train and work a few days at a woodwork factory to grab some fun coupons for this summer.
What kind of riding do you typically do?
Pretty much always Enduro riding for me, pedal to the top and have the fun coming down! But I can easily get distracted mid-ride by a couple of rocks or logs to jib on for hours!
What does your dream trail look like?
A long old-school slippy trail for sure! So just a muddy trail full of ruts, roots, rocks and tight, steep switchbacks would be the dream for me.
What kind of music do you listen to?
I’m pretty varied when it comes to music, mainly chill R&B but if it’s to get us hyped up in the gym I tend to listen to rap or some D’n’B full blast!
What does a typical day look like for you? 
Always start my day with a smoothie and a good breakfast which practically consistently includes eggs. I’ll then crack on with some uni work in the morning, the faster I get an essay done the longer I have on my bike! A quick coffee then I’ll pedal up to my local woods for a few laps of some steep tech we built during the first lockdown, it’s about a 40km loop so perfect for training. I do all my gym work in the evenings, I’m fortunate to have a few weights of my own so I can continue with my programme with the gyms still being closed. I tend to focus on strength conditioning in the off season with some AMRAP’s and then the odd dreaded turbo sprint!
How did you get into riding? 
I’ve been on two wheels for as long as I can remember, I just turned 2 the first time I rode without stabilisers! I’m lucky enough that my Dad is just as much into bikes as I am, he grew up riding motorbike trials, so I did the same! I got my first Rev and Go 50cc when I was 6 and still compete in the odd trial today, just with a slightly bigger 300cc engine haha! I bought my first full-suspension mountain bike in 2016 when I was 15, and raced my first enduro the following year; I then decided to focus entirely on racing mountain bikes.
What are your strengths? 
Probably just an endless amount of motivation to get out, have fun and be myself on my bike!
What are your weaknesses?
I’m still learning to pace myself, whether it’s on a ride or not taking a race day, I tend to find myself pretty worn out- taking time off the bike to chill just doesn’t add up for me! And tricks, anything that involves me taking my hands of the bars is a no go.
What are your plans for 2021? 
I’m pretty stoked to have secured a spot on this years EWS reserved entry list, and I will be racing all the European rounds in the Under 21 category, while giving the ‘van life’ a go in between them.
Who or what inspires you? 
Riding wise it’s of course Sam Hill, keeping it real on flat pedals with his unique style and creativity in a race run always blows my mind! I do feel like I’m pretty much always inspired though, the fact that the goals and purpose I strive for is achievable is what keeps me so inspired everyday.
What do you enjoy outside of biking? 
If I’m not fixing bikes I’ll be outside either digging new trails or with the lads trying to learn a few tricks on the skateboard, I’m very far from good but I like a new challenge.
What's your favorite motto or saying? 
There’s so many quotes out there but Loyle Carner made a good point in his song Ottolenghi. He said “Life can be good one minute and next minute it can turn bad, so don’t look down on nobody cuz that’s how life can turn for everybody”, so yeah it’s definitely important to appreciate the little things in life.
What's your Pet Peeve? 
Strava straight lines.
What gets you stoked? 
All the boys in a big train hauling down a trail, with all sorts of screams, laughs and YOOOooo’s! Can’t beat it. The feeling of absolutely railing a corner is a close second!
Favorite food? 
Any pasta dish, with garlic pizza bread and sweet potato fries.
Any weird routines or superstitions? 
Not really, however I’ll never hit something “one more time” because that’s always when things go wrong.
Favorite non-bike website? 
Ermmm, we’ll go with Netflix for this one haha!
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