Ziggy Link Conversion

Follow the video and the steps below to install the Ziggy Link into your Druid or Dreadnought.

*As a prerequisite for this installation, you should watch and review the steps outlined in the Linkage Maintenance link.

The tools you will need are a 5mm, 6mm, torque wrench and grease.

Step 1

With your linkage fully broken down and cleaned, you can swap out the Rate Control Link and replace it with the Ziggy Link.

Step 2

Reassemble starting with the shaft that holds the two links together. We recommended using white lithium grease before reinstalling the shaft. Ensure that you have the spacers facing the correct way, which is the flush side outward. Make sure the orientation of the rocker link and Ziggy Link are correct. The rocker link has numbers that you’ll be able to see facing upwards, and the words on the Ziggy Link are readable. This gets torqued up to 14Nm.

*Double check it’s moving freely

Step 3

With a dab of thicker grease on the four spacers, place them all against the bearings inside the front and rear triangle.

Step 4

Grab the linkage and with the text on the Ziggy Link facing towards you, carefully slide it back into position ensuring that the spacers stay put. Slide the shafts through the frame and into the linkage. Reinstall the shaft screws and torque them down to 14Nm.

*Before installing the rear shock, just cycle the back end to ensure it’s moving smoothly.

Step 5

Grab the rear shock, and loosely install the two bolts. Once the shock is in place, torque both bolts to 14Nm.

Step 6

Toss in your 650B rear wheel and double check that your gears are shifting smoothly and your rear brake is adjusted to the new rear wheel. Once dialled in, you’re good to shred your mullet bike!